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Latest Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Goes Full Hypocrite in North Carolina

Michael Savage Yanked Off Air After Mentioning…

CARTOON: Just The Facts, Ma’am

VIDEO: BLM Terror Cell Mobs Trump Supporter, Continues Race War

Cascade Mall Shooter Bolsters Voter Fraud Cases

VIDEO: Man Creates 58,000 Sq. Ft. Trump Homage

Major Cartel Kingpin Captured WHERE?!

Clinton Completely Wrong On Stop And Frisk

Strange Handoff Caught After Debate

Chelsea Clinton Makes INSANE Claim About Marijuana

Liberal Blowhard Has Surprising Debate Opinion

VIDEO: Hillary Caught Cheating During Debate

Industry-supported Contact Lens Regulations Will Restrict Consumer Choice

Russia Responsible For MH17 Crash Says New Investigation

New Charlotte Revelations Are Bad News For BLM

Massive New Terror Warning Issued For United States

Trump Turns Away More Than Hillary Draws In Florida

Hillary’s Health Focus Of New Poll

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