Friday, September 9, 2016 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, September 9, 2016

CARTOON: Who’s Got Your Ear?

America, “We destroyed Ourselves”

Obama Has Dubious New Honor In Parasite

William Weld Teases Major Endorsement For Gary Johnson

VIDEO: Disgusting 9/11 Mattress Sale Commercial

Poll Of Doctors Shows Massive Concern For Hillary’s Health

Strong Pro-Consumer Legislation Could Advance in Congress Next Week

VIDEO: Liberal Professor Destroys 9/11 Memorials

Bill The Rapist Calls Trump Racist

Iowa May Become Mecca For Social Justice Warriors

Trump Crushed Hillary In Forum, Polls Show

Clinton Campaign Actively Demanding Media To Ignore Health

Trump Is Gaining Massive Support From…

CARTOON: Trump’s Debate Prep

Russian Jets Cause More Provocation In Black Sea

Clinton Gets Annihilated By Navy Vet’s Question

Soccer Team Owners Curb Anthem Protest

Clinton Caught With Earpiece During Forum

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Constitution Jigsaw Puzzle


Trump – Pence Bumper Sticker

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