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Latest Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cyberwar Coming To Inauguration Day

Democrats, Backed by Clinton, STILL Undermining Trump’s Legitimacy

VIDEO: ISIS and Cartel Teaming Up in Mexico?

Sunday Times Stokes Trump-Russia Ties with Fake News

“Tolerant” Liberals Bully Inauguration Performers into Quitting

Clinton Foundation Begins Rapid Decline with Mass Layoffs

Obama Staying Aggressive During Last Week in White House

Millennial ADD to Shorten NBA Games?

Hollywood Crybabies Butcher Disco Classic Against Trump

Trump’s Latino Supporters Readying Tequila for Inauguration

Trump Teams Floats Idea of Drug Testing Press Corps

Protesters to Dance in Mike Pence’s Front Yard

Trump’s Extra Security Force: BIKERS

Liberal Army Marching Toward Washington D.C.

The American Politician: Yes, We Are Corrupt!

CARTOON: Whine Country

China Pushes War With United States Via State Media

Facebook’s Secretive New Sect Built to Read Minds?

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