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Latest Monday, January 16, 2017

Obamacare’s Replacement Complete, Says Trump Team

Even More Democrats Planning to Boycott Inauguration

CARTOON: The Obama Bomber

Ben Stein Calls Out Hollywood Bullies Trying to Topple Trump

While John Lewis Rages, MLK’s Family Supporting Trump

Iran Makes Hard Stand Regarding Obama Nuclear Deal

Germany Latest Victim of Facebook Censorship

Trump Preparing to Expand Press Corps

Cyberwar Coming To Inauguration Day

Democrats, Backed by Clinton, STILL Undermining Trump’s Legitimacy

VIDEO: ISIS and Cartel Teaming Up in Mexico?

Sunday Times Stokes Trump-Russia Ties with Fake News

“Tolerant” Liberals Bully Inauguration Performers into Quitting

Clinton Foundation Begins Rapid Decline with Mass Layoffs

Obama Staying Aggressive During Last Week in White House

Millennial ADD to Shorten NBA Games?

Hollywood Crybabies Butcher Disco Classic Against Trump

Trump’s Latino Supporters Readying Tequila for Inauguration

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