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Latest Thursday, January 19, 2017

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Trump Candidacy Lambasted By Media

Border Wall Super Bowl Ad Rejected by Fox

North Korea Promises Nuke Surprise for Trump Inauguration

#DisruptJ20 Anarchists Congregating at Terror Style Training Camp

Media Pushing Inauguration Attack Stories

NFL to Lady Gaga: “No Trashing Trump at Super Bowl!”

CIA Reveals UFO and Psychic Phenomena Experiments

Did Biden Just Admit to a “Liberal World Order”?

Obama Snubs Snowden, Commutes Chelsea’s Sentence

VIDEO: Trump Advisor Roger Stone POISONED

Rand Paul: “Someone Needs to Go to Jail…”

California Becoming Decidedly Defiant to The Donald

Trump Effect on Jobs Has No Sign of Slowing Down

Google Heads to Trump Tower to Win Over The Donald

Terrorists Take to Online Dating Sites to Snag Soldiers

Dogfight With A Russian Jet Over Area 51

DC Mass Transit Targeted by Anarchists and Rabble-Rousers

Obama’s About-Face on Leaks and Whistleblowers

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