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Latest Saturday, January 21, 2017

Liberal High School Teacher Gives Trump Nazi Makeover

VIDEO: Trump Haters Say and Do The Darnedest Things

Trump Coaxes Standing Ovation for Clinton at Luncheon

Obamacare Gets Executive Action on Day One

CNN Banned at YMCA, Citing “Fake News” Content

Liberal Rioters Mar Peaceful Transfer of Power in D.C.

Gore’s Latest Climate Propaganda Premiering During Blizzard?

Hillary Gets Chilly Reception at Inauguration

VIDEO: Trump Supporters Not Putting Up With Liberal Protesters

Rain Seen As Blessing During Trump Inauguration

CARTOON: The Dawning of a New Day!

Warning Rejected – Curse Now in Place!

ABC Correspondent Claims Country Divided Like “Civil War”

D.C. At Riot Status Ahead of Inauguration

VIDEO: Deploraball Attendees Pelted With Eggs

Crybaby Liberals Need “Safe Space” for Inauguration

CARTOON: Obexit Strategy

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Trump Candidacy Lambasted By Media

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