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Latest Friday, January 27, 2017

And a Muslim Leads Them: Hollywood’s “Useful Idiots” at War with God and America

GA Election Hack Getting Federal Probe

Congress Needs to Keep a Close Eye on Cronyism

Mexico’s Currency Plummets After Trump Diss

Accrual Accounting: A New Attack on Small Business Proposed in Congress

Madonna Threatens President, Radio Stations and Secret Service Respond

Illegal Immigrants’ Crimes To Be Published Weekly

German News Anchor Suggests Assassination of Trump

Obama Sent Useless Tanks To Europe to Counter Russians

Classless Liberal News Network Insinuates Assassination

Trump Effect Now Measured in The TRILLIONS of Dollars

Trump Approval Rating Still Soaring

Trump’s Wall To Begin Construction Within Months

San Diego Plagued By Mysterious “Booms”, No Earthquake Detected

Kim Jong Un Losing Grip on North Korea, Defector Says

Wealthy Americans Prepping for Civil War, Eyeing New Zealand

Google Adsense Censorship Killed 200 Websites

ISIS Taking to The Skies with Drone Technology

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