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Biding His Time

You Won’t Believe Who’s Attending Trump’s Inauguration

FAKE NEWS: CNN Uses Video Game Screenshot on Russian Hack Story

BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Heading To NBC News

Mein Kampf Lands on German Bestseller List

Ford Motorcars Feels Massive Trump Effect, Cancels Mexican Plant

Assange Goes After Obama’s Election Validity Concerns

Trump Begins Work on Border in Earnest 17 Days From Inauguration

The Conservative Uprising is Coming To America

CARTOON: Smooth Trash-ition of Power

Waffle House Cans Self Defense Waitress After Robbery Attempt

Refugee Mob Battle Spanish Police at Border Crossing

Google Backlash Coming From News Publishers

Trump Touts Extracurricular Hacking Knowledge

Italy Begins Roundup of Middle Eastern Migrants

Liberal Rag Goes After “Darker Suspicions” of Trump and Russia

Obama’s Transgender Decree Blocked By Judge

Phony Russian Power Grid Hack Story Gets Debunked Again

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