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Latest Thursday, January 5, 2017

CARTOON: Doggone Russians

Trump’s Twitter to Make Mainstream Media Obsolete

Trump Calls Out Nonsense Regarding Russian Hacking Story

Assange Accuses “Powerful” People of Targeting Him For Harm

VIDEO: C-List “Stars” Attempt to Block Trump’s Presidency

Facebook Chief Touring America to Promote Globalization

Washington Post Cashing in on Phony Russia Stories

2016 Sets New Gun Sales Record

Drudge Report Cyber Attack Certainly Not The Last of its Kind

U.S. Troops Headed To Russian Border, New Cold War Imminent

Biding His Time

You Won’t Believe Who’s Attending Trump’s Inauguration

FAKE NEWS: CNN Uses Video Game Screenshot on Russian Hack Story

BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Heading To NBC News

Mein Kampf Lands on German Bestseller List

Ford Motorcars Feels Massive Trump Effect, Cancels Mexican Plant

Assange Goes After Obama’s Election Validity Concerns

Trump Begins Work on Border in Earnest 17 Days From Inauguration

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