Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Falling Football Favorability Prompts Discussion About Anthem Rules

NFL Hall of Fame Coach Mike Ditka Blasts Privileged Players for their Disrespect

Twitter Fascists Ban Truth for Offending Liberals

Guess Which Amendment this Leftwing Filmmaker Wants to Repeal?

Senator says Trump’s Cabinet should Resign if they Can’t Do This

Google’s Fascism Finally Catches the Attention of Liberals

Liberal Media Worried as Squishy Republicans Throw in the Towel

ISIS Continues to Push Claim that the Las Vegas Shooter was One of Theirs

Obama’s War on Coal… is Over!

Fake News about Christopher Columbus and the Flat Earth Mythology

The Truth about Global Warming is… Flat

Incredible Forensic Acoustic Analysis Demonstrates A Second Shooter In Las Vegas

Scholarly Essay Dumped because "Credible Threats of Personal Violence”

Contrary to FBI Propaganda, Steven Paddock Fits the Profile of an Islamic Convert

Muslim IT Spy Imran Awan's Own Wife Accuses Him of Fraud

Massive ‘Firestorm’ Is Burning Tens Of Thousands Of Acres In Northern California

Pence Offense

Updated: Active Shooter on Texas Tech Campus, at Least One Dead

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