Sunday, October 22, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, October 22, 2017

NFL’s Wild Behavior Continues After Marshawn Lynch’s Despicable Display

Crazy Aunt Maxine Makes Unethical Threat on POTUS’ Life, Libs Applaud

Kim Makes Most Dire Threat Yet With Peculiar Emphasis on Timing

Hillary Makes Obscene and Morally Bankrupt “Jokes” in New Interview

Trump Fighting Back Against Fabricated Russian Prostitute Dossier

Mueller’s Unbelievable Role in Obama’s Uranium Scandal Revealed!

Congress Just Saved the President’s Tax Reform Plan

Bill Clinton Tried to Get Permission Meet with Russian Bigwigs During Uranium One Deal!

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand the Story of Robin Hood

UK Police Team Up With Hamas-Tied Group To Produce Pro-Islam Propaganda Video

South Dakota: Muslim Brandished Arsenal at Christian Event Saying "Be Terrified" gets 7 Months Prison with Served Time Suspended

NFL Players have the Right to Protest – You have the Right to Turn them Off

News You Can Use for October 22, 2017

Operation Cross Country: FBI Busts 120 Sex Traffickers & Rescues Dozens of Sexually Exploited Children

Former Senate Majority Leader: 'Trump Ruined Health Care'

Poll Finds that Opinions are Unchanged on Guns following Vegas Shooting

Classified Kennedy Assassination Files to be Released

Trump on Budget Resolution: 'It's a Really Big Deal'

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