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Democrats’ Latest Attempt to Oust POTUS Deemed Medically Unethical

Kid Rock makes a Final Decision on Running for Senate

More Leftists Picking Up Guns and the Media Loves It

Jesse Jackson Thinks Being Millionaire Sports Players is ‘Just Like Slavery’

If Billionaire Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Ran for President He’d Do So as a …

New Poll shows Trump’s Approval Rating is Sky High in this Group

Celebrating Sexual Deviancy is a Hollywood Tradition

An Engineered Overlook: The Political Uranium Bombshell

Could we go to War in Iran?

Surprise! The FBI was Monitoring Russia’s Attempts To Get Cozy with Hillary Clinton

Why do Judges and Politicians Hate the 10 Commandments?

The Fallacy of the White Privilege Conspiracy Theory

Congress' Top Attorney Slams Fusion GPS For Trying To Hide Its Bank Records in Trump Dossier Probe

Military Judge Delays Bergdahl Sentencing Hearing After New Trump Comments

Liberal Professor: Dumbing Down of America Began in Public Education

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