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Latest Wednesday, October 25, 2017

CNN Bias Revealed Again After Hillary Caught Red Handed With Russia

More Obama Corruption Revealed as Dirty Democratic Party Implodes

NFL Blames “Over Saturation” in Ratings Drop, Canceling Thursdays?

The Real Russia Conspiracy is That Hillary and the Democrat Party Are the Real Russia Colluders

Western Pacific Ocean on Military Lockdown as Trump’s Asia Visit Looms

SMOKING GUN: Hillary, DNC Funded Filthy Russian Dossier

House Committee begins Investigation on Comey and DOJ Decision on Hillary Clinton

Clinton Allies, the Podesta Group, being Investigated by Special Counsel Mueller

News You Can Use for October 25, 2017

Supreme Court Dismisses Second Challenge To Trump’s Travel Ban

Mark Zuckerberg for President: Is the Facebook Founder Setting Up The Means To Silence His Opponents?

Green Berets Ambushed By Jihadis While Chasing ISIS Recruiter

Media Applauds LGBTQ Picking Up Guns "In Response To Far Right"

Red Handed

Second-Amendment Homosexuals Realize They Can’t Trust Government

More Evidence the Left Is Anti-Science

Republicans Are Investigating the Obama DOJ

MSNBC Demonstrates Why We Need a Border Wall [VIDEO]

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