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Latest Thursday, October 26, 2017

TODAY IS THE DAY: Top Secret JFK Files Hit The Web

DeGeneres in Hot Seat After Sexually Harassing Katy Perry via Twitter

Trump Toots His Own Horn on “Fake News” Claims, And Rightfully So

Final Nail in The Coffin?: Obamacare Rocked By Recent Ruling

Obama-Russia Details Coming to Light as DOJ Lifts Gag Order

POTUS Gets Set to Declare Public Health Emergency Over…

Clinton’s Dossier Dirt Pile Gets Larger, Legal Action Possible?

MSNBC Journalist Latest Scalp in America’s Sexual Harassment Awakening

News You Can Use for October 26, 2017

RINOS Forced To Come Clean

73-Year-Old Virginia Man Arrested & Charged With Felonies For Making Moonshine In His Own Home

Millionaire Muslima Ripped Off Taxpayers For 18 Years – Finally Kicked Out Of Government-Funded Home

McCain: The US Needs To Back The Kurds Over Iranian-Supported Militias

Americans Reject Cultural Appropriation & White Privilege as Racist

Extra Extra Stop the Presses

Illinois Owes Money, But No One Knows How Much

Bill Gates Admits Defeat on Common Core but Expect New Attempts to “Help” Education

Rape Culture Hysteria Versus Sheriffs Deputy

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