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Latest Sunday, October 29, 2017

More Monument Madness as Church Punts Presidential Plaque

North Korea Makes Shocking New Preparations for War with United States

Remember when the Catholic Church Stood as a Bulwark Against Communism?

The Washington Free Beacon was the First to Fund the Fusion GPS Research into Trump

News You Can Use for October 29, 2017

Local Police & Feds Impose INFORMATION BLACKOUT in Las Vegas Shooting

Army Knew Bergdahl Had Deserted – Forced Soldiers Who Knew Truth To Sign Nondisclosure Agreements

Shock Poll Shows Conservative Christian Has Overwhelming Support

Sheriff Sentenced for Obeying his Oath of Office

Republicans Co-Sponsor Landmark Bill That Would Prevent Warrantless Searches Of Americans’ Calls, Emails & Other Communications.

Amazon Empire Headed Into Wacky World of Prescription Medicine?

Bundy Ranch Trial Exposes Just How Corrupt The Prosecution Is

U.S. Media Malarky No Match for Russia as Journalists Arm Themselves

Vegas Security Guard Mysteriously Locked in Seclusion on MGM Property

Washington Free Beacon Confesses to Sponsoring Research Into Trump, Which Led to Dossier

Are State Capitols Sexual Harassment Hunting Grounds?

Mad Dog Mattis Flat Out Tells Kim “NO” to Nuke-Capable North Korea

Google and George Soros: A Match Made in Globalist Valhalla

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