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Latest Friday, October 6, 2017

Ominous Warning From Donald Trump has North Korea Watching Their Backs

New California Law Gives Jail Time for Saying the ‘Wrong’ Gender Pronouns

Breaking! The NFL Players Association Caught Funneling Money to George Soros

The Americans Targeted In Vegas Are What Makes America GREAT

Vegas Survivor Gets Shot in the Leg, Says He Still “Stands for the President”

Trump and Tillerson United Against “Fake News” Trying to Divide US

YouTube Targets Mike Rowe for Restriction, You’ll Never Believe Why!

Harvey Weinstein Up Against a Right-Wing Conspiracy? Good!

Another Win: Trump Plans to Decertify the Iran Deal Next Week

After Las Vegas: We should Come Together Not Tear Apart

Las Vegas Survivors Speak Out Against more Gun Control

France's Le Pen Calls For Anti-Terror Law That “Truly Combats The Islamist Ideology That Has Planned Our Enslavement”

More than 100 Million Gun Owners Did NOT Kill Anyone Today, but Abortion Doctors Did

NY Times ISIS Expert Does 180: Vegas Slaughter Might Be ISIS After All

America, Are You Drinking the Kool-Aide?

Did Las Vegas Sheriff Just Reveal Vegas Shooter’s Motives?

News You Can Use for October 6, 2017

Wall Street Journal Lobbies YouTube to Be More “Authoritative”

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