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Latest Saturday, October 7, 2017

According to Real Estate Mogul, North Korea Isn’t Our Only Asian Threat

Vegas Madman’s Travel Logs Show Concerning Jaunts to Terror Hotbed

President Makes Strong Statement on Television Clowns’ Liberal Circus

Vegas Professor Exploits Tragedy to Diss POTUS and Pat Self on Back

FBI Sends Warning of More “Black Identity Extremist” Group Violence

Are Blue Dog Democrats Preparing to Side with the GOP on Tax Reform?

Is the 2nd Amendment Only about Muskets?

Convention of States Adopts Newspeak to Sell the Con-Con

News You Can Use for October 7, 2017

Just Hours After Las Vegas Shooting, Man Arrested with Cache of Automatic Weapons & Ammo in His Car

Did Las Vegas Shooter Target Aviation Fuel Tanks During Shooting?

Democrats Make California into Nation’s First Sanctuary State [VIDEO]

Constitutional Q&A: The Right to Protest

Governor Jerry Brown Makes California First "Sanctuary State" In Nation With His Signature

This Video Shows That The Corruption In Washington DC Is Off The Charts!

Economic Slowdown Confirmed: The U.S. Economy Lost Jobs Last Month For The First Time In 7 Years

Republicans Split on the Spy State

New Evidence Points to Shocking Revelation in Vegas Shooter Case

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