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Latest Sunday, October 8, 2017

Food Truck Owner Served Cold Revenge After Mocking Vegas Victims

Police At Wit’s End in Las Vegas Call on Public to Assist

POTUS Drops MAJOR Hint About The Next Step in North Korea Nonsense

SHOCKER! Las Vegas Gunman’s Infamous “Note” Revealed!

Even More Legal Trouble on The Horizon for Gruesome Kathy Griffin

Here is the List of Victims Killed in the Las Vegas Shooting, May they be Remembered

An Open Letter to the NFL Players who Disrespect our Nation

Are these Philosophical Ideas behind the Shooting in Las Vegas?

News You Can Use for October 8, 2017

As FBI Investigates Vegas Attack, Remember its FAILED Islamic Jihadi Investigations

Conservatives Warn Trump that “Hate Speech” Resolution is Tool of Left to Silence Dissent

Bergdahl Expected To Plead Guilty, May Face Life In Prison

ANTIFA ALERT: Group Plans Massive Public Anarchy for Monday

California’s Sanctuary Stunt Gets Brutal Reality Check by Feds

According to Real Estate Mogul, North Korea Isn’t Our Only Asian Threat

Vegas Madman’s Travel Logs Show Concerning Jaunts to Terror Hotbed

Maher Blasts Republicans for Vegas Response: 'I'm So Sick of Thoughts and Prayers'

Ivanka Trump for President? Her Mother Suggests Possibility!

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