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Proof: Medicaid without Work Requirements is Hurting America

One Bar Dumped the NFL on Veterans Day and The Community Responded in a BIG Way

Why I Refuse to Be Lectured By the Hollywood Cesspool

FBI Launching Investigation into Planned Parenthood’s Criminal Activities

Judge Roy Moore Blasts Latest Allegation as “Absolutely False”!

What did England’s Prince Charles Say?

Is the Income Tax Immoral?

Judge Roy Moore: the Last Straw?

News You Can Use for November 14, 2017

The New School Invites Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour to Lead Panel on Anti-Semitism

US Admits American Arms Given To Iranian Jihadists In Iraq

Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty

Not Surprising: Colin Kaepernick Named GQ's "Citizen of the Year"

Is America Becoming A Police State Where Churches Can’t Feed The Homeless And Kids Can’t Set Up Lemonade Stands?

Why America’s Retail Apocalypse Could Accelerate Even More In 2018

Road Kill

Mainstream Media Calls Out Bill Clinton's Sexual Wrongdoing

Republican Establishment Pretends Moral Standards

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