Friday, November 17, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, November 17, 2017

Why Tax Breaks Won’t Stop High-Tech, H-1B Human Trafficking

Political Stunt: Why Soros and Wealthy Colleagues Call for No Tax Cuts

2017 – the Year of the Sex Scandals

Congressional Office of Compliance Releases Breakdown of Payouts on Harassment Settlements

Dictator Robert Mugabe Ousted after 37 Years

Russia and Bible Prophecy

Diversity is NOT our Strength

News You Can Use for November 17, 2017

Air Force Accepts Award For Combating Fake Hate Race Incident

GA School Forces Boy to Change T-Shirt on Field Trip to CNN Center

Al Franken Is Just The Beginning As The Curtain Is Pulled Back In Washington DC

Hillary Clinton: 'Investigating Me Would be a Disastrous Step, Such an Abuse of Power’

The One Thing You Just Have to Know About God

Ingrate Of The Year

US Troops Conditioned to Ignore Boy Rape in Afghanistan

CNN Refuses to List Unborn Among Dead at Texas Church

Al Franken Apology Almost as Bad as the Crime

ICE Agents Complain Swamp is Drowning Them

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