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Latest Monday, November 20, 2017

Bill Clinton still Won’t Explain his Presence on Pedophile’s Sex Plane

Ingrate LaVar Ball Flips Off President After Trump Gets Son Out of Chinese Jail

Clinton Family Caught Red-Handed with Russian Money

One Meme Liberals Need to See

Leftwing Gun Control Push Creating New Market for “Ghost Guns”

40 Years Ago: When Jimmy Carter Tried to Stop Peace from Coming to Israel

The GOP’s Mild-Mannered Mormon SLAMS Democrat for Lying about Tax Plan

Fox News Battle: Hannity vs Shep Smith – Who is Lying?

News You Can Use for November 20, 2017

Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights On Pedophile’s Sex Plane

Roy Moore to Mitch McConnell: You “Step Down”

Sign Of Imminent Recession? Yield Curve Has Not Been This Flat In 10 Years!

Obamacare Rage: One Family Of 4 In Virginia Is Faced With Paying $3,000 A Month For Health Insurance

Livin' On The Edge

Do Red States Feed Off Blue States?

Americans Agree with Trump: Russian Friendship Puts America First

LAPD Investigating Alleged Hollywood Sex Crimes

Target Leaving Baltimore Mall: Crime Doesn’t Pay

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