Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ALL That’s Wrong With the NFL: Raiders Marshawn Lynch Sits for U.S. Anthem, Stands for Mexican Anthem

Texas Conservatives Join RINOs, withdraw Support from Moore

Another Accuser Comes Forward Against Democrat Al Franken

Bill Clinton’s Victims RIP Hillary Clinton for saying they “Misremember” History       

Google to Downgrade Russian-Owned News, Chinese ‘News’ Agencies Unaffected

Is America More Divided Than Ever?

Charles Manson and the Problem of Evil

Calling Evil By It’s Name and Highlighting Heroes

News You Can Use for November 21, 2017

RINO Susan Collins: 'Sexual Allegations Against Trump Still Very Disturbing'

John Kerry: Palestinians "Committed to NonViolence"

Faces Of Evil: Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush All Face New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Grilled Turkey

Substance Abuse & Suicide Spike White Working Class Mortality

Charlie Rose Contributed to Rape Culture

Morrissey Attacks Accusers of Weinstein and Spacey

Angela Merkel In Trouble Despite Election Victory

Russia (Sort Of) Weighs in on Euro Nuke Cloud They (Probably) Caused

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