Sunday, November 26, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, November 26, 2017

Race War In America: Nurse Tweets Abhorrent Insult to White Mothers

ISIS Ramping Up Anti-Christian Attack Plans as Christmas Approaches

Denial-Ridden Democrats Scrambling After Sex Allegations Rock D.C.

Democrat Politician Arrested at the Mall on Black Friday

Net Neutrality Debate Reveals Closeted Socialists

News You Can Use for November 26, 2017

Only 4 out of 2,429 Refugees are Fully Employed in This City

Number Of US Troops Killed In Plane Crashes Jumps In 2017

Liberal Media Asks The Tough Questions About Sarah Sander’s Pecan Pie

Trans Pronoun Nonsense Goes Global as Premier League Soccer Joins

Murdered Baltimore Cop's Partner Wasn't With Him When He Was Shot – This Guy Was

JFK Files Reveal CIA & Robert Kennedy Plotted False Flag To Start War With Russia

Ivanka Used As Pawn By State Department During Spat with POTUS

MSNBC Guest: Republican Party is a 'Domestic Terrorist Group'

President Trumps Tells Time Magazine “Thanks, But No Thanks”

Report: Rep. John Conyers Showed Up for Meeting in His Skivvies

21 New Gun Control Measures Now Being Advanced By Democrats In DC

China May Be Preparing for North Korean Conflict with Route Shuttering

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