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‘Newsweek’ Fans the Flames of Race Hate with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Article

On Black Friday Gun Sales Hit Record High

Shock News as Hollywood Actress Slams Feminism and Calls Hillary Clinton “Dangerous”

African-American Artist Joy Villa Explains why Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

The Supreme Court’s Silence on Guns Sows National Confusion

Hillary Clinton: Championing Women and Victims for 40 Years… Right? Not so Much.

Remembering William F. Buckley as a Man who Fought Against Hate

What type of Socialism Do Millennials Hate?

Drain the Swamp should be Flush the Toilet       

News You Can Use for November 28, 2017

Nervous About Traffic Stops? I Am. You Should Be, Too

Robert Mueller – Agent Of Willful Ignorance

Russian Diplomat Warns: ‘Apocalyptic Scenario’ Likely On Korean Peninsula

Tax Shelter

Socialism for Dummies (This Means You, Millennials)

Amnesty Congressman Won’t Seek Reelection

Net Neutrality Advocates Call to Ban Drudge

Another Socialist Failure in a Socialist City

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