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Bergdahl Skates! POTUS Tweets Out Rage Over “Disgrace” Ruling

Disabled Veteran Refuses to Accept Award from NFL Team

A Muslim Ban Is Logical, Moral, Even Libertarian

More of Hillary’s and the Democrats’ Corruption Breaks Wide Open

Climate Forecast vs. Energy Forecast: A Reason for Hope

The Corruption is just Beginning to Collapse

Lawyer who Paid for the Trump Dossier may have Helped Rig the Democrat Primary

Arizona says Good Riddance to Jeff Flake, Conservative Leads Polls of Upcoming Race!

Former DNC Chief Admits the Primary was Rigged, Clinton Cheated

Over-Taxing the Rich isn’t Fair

Congressman: DOJ Should Do Its Job & Investigate Leaks

WSJ White House Reporter Rips Trump For Not Calling For Death Penalty For Vegas Shooter Who Was Already Dead!

Election Hacker and American Spy-Master Revealed

Mr. Steyer, What Does The Constitution Say About Impeaching A President?

Michelle Obama: ‘Men Are Entitled And Self Righteous’ Because Women Protect Them

With Open Arms

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Millennials Support Communism

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