Sunday, November 5, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jim Beam Gets Broadsided by Boycott After Spokeswoman’s Stunt

Antifa Embarrassed: “Revolution” Fails to Draw Crowds ANYWHERE

NBA Joins NFL in Bizarre Political Correctness Stunt Over Team “Owners”

Donna Brazile Contemplated Convention Coup, Looked to Replace Hillary

Radical Left’s Civil War Makes Victim of Rand Paul While He Mows Lawn

International Court wants War Crimes Probe into US Soldiers in Afghanistan

The Bible Doesn’t Condemn Wealthy People

News You Can Use for November 5, 2017

ANTIFA's November 4 Protests Threats Fizzle In Humiliating Failure

Why Did The New York Deputy Commissioner Say NYC Jihad Massacre “Isn’t About Islam”?

Uranium One: Previously Undiscovered FOIA Documents Could Be Game Changer in Investigation

Bombshell Air Traffic Control Audio From Night Of Las Vegas Shooting: “Active Shooters On The Runway”

Brain Freeze: Nancy Pelosi Demonstrates More Signs Of Mental Illness

Report: Women Running for Office in Increasing Numbers

Alec Baldwin’s Rampant Homophobia Takes Backseat to Abuse Claims

Senator Rand Paul Attacked At Home – Incurs "Minor Injury"

Weinstein’s Woes Continue as Leftist Mogul Faces Arrest in NYC

Former Obama FBI Counterintelligence Assistant Director: Americans Must Learn To "Accept” Terror Attacks As A “New Way Of Life”

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