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Biden’s Boastful Brag May Belie Something Far Bigger Than Believed

This is Why No One Trusts the Media

Some Facts You Might Need to Defeat Liberals in This Gun Debate

Hungary’s Prime Minister Delivers Powerful Speech Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Trump tells North Korea: ‘Do Not Underestimate Us, Do Not Try Us’

How Soon is “Soon”?

Former DNC Chief’s New Book Re-Opens the Seth Rich Pandora’s Box

How to Learn the 10 Commandments and Fast!

Election Night Liberal Tears – Journalists' Edition

How Schools Use “Character Education” to Brainwash Our Kids and Undermine American Values

Ted Cruz Blasts Gun Grabbing Politicians Over Texas Church Shooting: "The Private Citizen Who Used His Own Rifle Saved Lives"

Healthcare Spending Now Accounts For Almost One-Fifth Of The Entire U.S. Economy

What Really Happened

News You Can Use for November 8, 2017

LAPD Investigating Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Democratic Party Reaches Low Point

Rev. Jesse Jackson Latest High Profile Harasser to Be Outed By Victim

Texas Church Shooter Had History of Mental Health Issues in Air Force

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