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Canine Companion Program For Veterans Halted With No Explanation

Donna Brazile Outlines Her Patriotic Reasoning Behind Tell-All Memoir

Trump Takes Pill Problem To Beijing, Seeks China’s Help with Opioids

Undercover Testing Reveals Terrifying Reality About Tainted TSA

Hawaiians Prepare For New Emergency Siren Tests as North Korea Flexes

New Poll Shows How Americans Feel About Their Choices 1 Year Ago

News You Can Use for November 9, 2017

The Amazon Amendment Shows Big Government Corrupts Everything

Will the Texas Shooting Advance the Confiscation Narrative?

Air Force Cadet Admits To Faking Racial Crime

California NAACP Campaigns Against National Anthem

Donna Brazile Describes the Clinton Campaign as THIS!

DNC Email Hack An Inside Job, According to American Intelligence Agency

DOJ Tells Time Warner To Unload Fake News Kings Before Merger

Cop in Massachusetts Sues Superiors Over Nepotistic Nonsense

Racism Hoaxes Reach Military as Radical Left Continues Toward War

Harveywood Panics as LAPD Follows Up on Feldman’s Accusations

NAACP Weighs in On National Anthem Issues With Absolutely VILE Opinion

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