Sunday, December 10, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, December 10, 2017

NFL Hilariously Forced to Hire Actors To Play Role of “Football Fans”

Roy Moore Set to Receive Bannon Bump on Election Eve

Liberal Stunt Casts Pall of Hatred Over Civil Rights Museum’s Opening

President Trump’s Enhanced Vetting is Working Wonders on Refugee Admissions

Liberals Don’t Care about Killing Babies, but they’re Worried about ‘Robot Rights’?

News You Can Use for December 10, 2017

Arabs’ Rage Over Jerusalem is Islamic Theater

President Trump Kept His Promise While His Predecessors Didn't

Sharia UK: Labour MPs call for Franklin Graham to be banned from UK ahead of visit

Dec. 31st Federal Fundraising Deadline Is At The End Of The Month – This Guy Needs A Miracle

Here's Why the United States No Longer Has a Constitution

Disney Rocked By Child Sex Scandal As America Faces Abuse Awakening

Trump Hits Back At Fake News Kings Over Malicious Stunt

Judge Awards $149,690 To Two-Time Convicted Sex-Assaulting "Refugee" Because He Stayed In Prison Too Long

How Robert Mueller Sabotaged Counterterror Training in 2012

Washington May Allow 3rd Gender Option on Birth Certificates

How About Background Checks for Governments Wanting Guns?

Democrats Find Nothing In "Collusion" Investigation – Move On To "Obstruction"

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