Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chain of Disaster: The Left’s Favorite Stealth Immigration Plan at the Root of Monday’s Terror Attack

FBI/DOJ Corruption Unmasked by Congressman in Shocking Interview

The Media Hates Trump because He Keeps His Promises

Shock Report: Democrat Leaders did NOTHING when they Learned their Servers had been Compromised

Democrats Hate for Roy Moore has Nothing to Do with Sex

Hanukkah Starts on Tuesday: Here are 18 Ways it Differs from Christmas

Socialism and Tyranny Have Become Socially Acceptable

Any Prophetic Significance in Moving our Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem?

News You Can Use for December 12, 2017

Global Climate Engineering Expert: ‘CA Firestorms Are Geo-engineered Catastrophes’

Is Congress more Interested in Protecting Americans or Criminal Illegals?

The US, Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Reportedly Pushing A Peace Plan That Would Create A Palestinian State

Top Crypto Mining Executive: “We’re Hoarding The Coins”

The Wizard of D.C.

David Bossie: 'Nancy Pelosi is a Stooge'

Monsanto Now BRIBING Farmers To Use Knowingly Harmful Pesticide

Former Exec at Facebook Warns That Social Media Is About To…

Yet ANOTHER Liberal Newsman Gets Canned Over Sexual Conduct

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