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NFL Finds Even More Fan Trouble As Lawsuits Come Pouring In

Feminist’s List of 10 Questions for New Lovers is as Insane as You’d Imagine

Democrat Doug Jones Scores Stunning Alabama Senate Victory

Failed Terrorist Mocks Trump as ISIS makes New Threats

Comedy Central’s Latest ‘Apolitical’ News Show is all About ‘Fake News’

Democrat Double Standards and their Ted Kennedy Problem

Concise and Factual History of Israel’s Last 4000 Years

What is Chanukah All About?

Will Senator Al Franken ‘Really’ Resign?

News You Can Use for December 13, 2017

Time to Understand: Accusations Are Not Convictions

Liberals and Islamists Both Want Change – for the Worse

The Gun Bill That Is Going Through Congress Could Significantly Increase The Number Of Americans Banned From Buying Guns

Mind Altering

British Liberals Embrace Border Control … for Franklin Graham

Amazon’s Alexa Has Some DISTURBING Answers to Culture Questions

Huffington Post Forced to Admit The Unthinkable About Trump’s America

CNN Reporter Throws Temper Tantrum Because POTUS is “Mean” to Him

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