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Oh. Snap! Fox News Host Assistant FBI Director the Leader of a “Criminal Cabal”

Four Reasons Why You Are 100% Vindicated if You Voted for Donald Trump

Missile Defense for the Homeland

Watch Out for the Trump Coup

Did Mueller Violate Attorney-Client Privilege in Attacks on Trump?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Caught in the Sexual Harassment Storm

Promised Pensions are Destroying Connecticut’s Economy

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Really?

News You Can Use for December 18, 2017

CA Lawmakers Propose Bill: Free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

UK Government Refuses To Say Whether Proclaiming Divinity Of Christ Is A Hate Crime

Fake news: 60 Minutes claims 74% of “extremist-related killings” in US since 2007 carried out by right-wing extremists, not Islamic extremists

Cook County Mayor: Bring In UN Peace-Keeping Forces To Solve Chicago Genocide

Mueller's Got Mail

Wake Up! Democrats Numbers Up Going Into The 2018 Midterm Elections

Putin Thanks Trump for Warning Them about Terrorist Plot

Bill Passes That May Ban Bulletproof Glass in Philadelphia Stores

Are Republicans Ignoring Bill Priestap? [VIDEO]

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