Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, December 19, 2017

President Trump Delivers Shades of Reagan in Important National Security Strategy

Democrats Reveal Franken Resignation Was All a Tactic to Kill Trump, Now Want Him to Cancel Quitting

Muslim CAIR Leader in Florida has Anti-Semitic, Anti-Trump Tirade

Trump is a Regulation Slashing Machine

Democrats New DREAMer Amnesty Bill would Cost at Least $26 Billion

Two United Nations Votes Prove Trump Presidency Superior to Obama

College Professor wants Racist ‘Jingle Bells” Song Banished

Sweet Home Alabama? Not so much.

News You Can Use for December 19, 2017

Apple Called Out In US Senate For Bowing To Communist China

Jedi Religion: Thousands Of People All Over The World Are Converting To ‘Jediism’

Putin Stockpiles Nukes And Tanks Ahead Of WW3: ‘The Main Target….Is The US’


Progressives Unite to Expel a Pro-Life Democrat from Congress

James Clapper Lies about Trump’s Success

Florida House Introduces New Campus Free Speech Bill

Ivanka Trump Says Some Dems Want Tax Reform; the Party Won’t Let Them

Sex-Trafficking Site Supports Dems

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