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Latest Saturday, December 2, 2017

Trump’s DOJ Stepping In To Right A Wrong in Kate Steinle Case

Radical Left’s VICE Media Continues to Falter With “Secret Purge” Ongoing

Trump Tax Plan Takes An ENORMOUS Bite Out of Obamacare

Government Begins Investigation into Obama Holdover

Blockbuster News: Bundy Family Released!

President Trump Lights the National Christmas Tree

News You Can Use for December 2, 2017

The Fake News about the Flynn Scandal & the Double Standard of Perjury

Theresa May Engages in Taqiyya: “There are those who conduct acts of terror in the name of Islam, but it is not in the name of Islam”

Rep. Raul Grijalva Caught Paying Hush Money To Accuser

Russian Military Deploys Marines On North Korean Border

Pedatrician Warns Against Sonogram Because Gender Identity Superstition

Kate Steinle Killer Arrested by Feds

Yesterday Proves the Truth about the Trump Stock Market

James Comey Gets Snarky On Twitter After Flimsy Flynn Story Surfaces

Nancy Pelosi Continues Descent into Health Hole With Spasms, Repetition

90’s Icon Pamela Anderson Now Victim Shaming Weinstein’s Accusers

Possible Radical Islamic Nail Bomb Detonated at Christmas Market

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