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Latest Thursday, December 21, 2017

Was The Expensive Liberal Russia Dossier Really Just Old WSJ Articles?

Hateful Hollywood Liberal Hits POTUS With Homophobic Slur, Fans Cheer

“Freshmen” No Longer Politically Correct, To Be Replaced With…

New York Times Gives Women The Middle Finger, Reinstates Sexual Predator

Uranium One Back in The Mix As AG Sessions Orders New Probe

Radical Leftists Stockpiling Hot Cocoa and Bullhorns For Mueller News

Doctors Issue Warning About Health Effects of One Yuletide Tradition

North Korea Inches Closer to Chaos as U.S. Troops Practice Capturing…

News You Can Use for December 21, 2017

Minneapolis: Woman Stabbed 14 times By Muslim Migrant – Local Media Ignore Attack

University Transgender Shaming Session Exposed as Unauthorized Bullying

Judge Declares Mistrial In Bundy Ranch Case Due To Multiple Brady Violations By Prosecution

Merry Historic Christmas

Senator Tim Scott Responded to Insult by Calling Out Liberal Tokenism

MAGA! Under Donald Trump Oil Can Finally Be Taken from ANWR

Boeing Boasts About Tax Bill’s Impact on Employees and Charities

Liberals Look to Derail ‘#MeToo’ As Deviant Dems Drop Like Flies

Anti-Trump 9th Circuit Judge Resigns Amid Dark Accusations

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