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CNN Pushes Children’s Book with Santa as Gay Man with a Husband

Buzzfeed Editor Makes Ridiculous Christmas Request

American Religious Leaders Come Together to Reject Transgenderism

Every Democrat in Congress Just Voted AGAINST the Middle Class

The Worst Christmas Tree Ornament Ever?

SpaceX Terrifies California

Does ‘X-Mas’ take Christ Out of ‘Christmas’?

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News You Can Use for December 24, 2017

DOJ To Be Reviewed After Report Obama Admin Protected Hezbollah

Linda Sarsour's Ridiculous Response To Sexual Assault Claims: If You Just Understood Sharia…

Blockchain Mining Chairman: “It’s Not A Bubble… It’s A Mass Adoption”

Oregon: Muslim Teacher Arrested for Molesting Female Students

Christmas Terror Arrest Made in California, Jerusalem Decision A Motive

FBI Reveals Inexcusable Timeline For Vegas Shooting Motive Disclosure

White House Denies Nasty Rumor Swirling Trump's View on Haitians

Desk Jockeys On Delivery Duty as UPS Completely Botches Christmas

Possible Terror Strike Hits Pennsylvania Capital, Investigation Ongoing

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