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Latest Monday, December 25, 2017

Donald Trump Lays Waste to Christmas Haters With “Proud” Tweet

North Korea Lashes Out at United Nations, Claim “Act of War”

Nikki Haley Cuts The UN Purse Strings To The Tune of $285 Million

Pentagon Official: ET UFO’s Exist “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt”

Liberals Exploit Santa Claus to Push Global Warming Hoax on Kids

Assange Twitter Mystery: Whistleblower’s Account Temporarily Gone

Iraqis Celebrate Christmas While Europe Ditches Holiday for Fear of Muslims Terror

A History of Santa Claus

Bizarro World Nancy Pelosi thinks that Tax Cuts = Theft

News You Can Use for December 25, 2017

Shocking: Human Leather Products Now Being Sold Online

Texas Attorney General: Licensed Gun Owners May Carry In Church If Not Declared ‘Gun Free Zone’

Senator Rand Paul Calls For Investigation Into Obama Loyalists Who Attempted To Keep Trump From Election

Pope likens Muslim migrants “driven from their land” to Joseph and Mary

The Incarnation: A Demonstration Of God's Love For Sinners

Nazi-Jihadist & Former DC Area Police Officer Nicholas Young Found Guilty Of Trying To Back Islamic State

CNN Pushes Children’s Book with Santa as a Homosexual with a "Husband"

Christmas Tax Cut Empowers Companies to Take Care of Employees or Hire More

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