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Christmas + Trump Effect = YUGEST Holiday Ever, Says MasterCard

Chess Champion Refuses to Wear Burqa, Forced to Hand Over World Titles

Fake News Media Tries to Blame Melania Trump for Removal of Historic Tree on White House Grounds

Nearly Half a Million People Fled these Three Blue States in 2017

Why Trump is Right – Say Merry Christmas and Not Happy Holidays

Democrats Fight Tax Cuts because it makes the Poor ‘Jealous’

The Most Biting Satire of American Politics Ever

Ron Paul Remembers Christmas Past, and Hopes that Christians Stop Embracing War

Executive Order Blocking, the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

News You Can Use for December 27, 2017

Police Launch Major Investigation Of Pork Left In Mailbox Of Islamic Centre

Joy After Jihad: Iraq & Syria Show ISIS Something They Never Wanted To See – Christmas

The Coal Hard Truth

Flashback: Sheila Jackson Lee Demands Royal Treatment

The CBO Admits that Anchor Babies Are a Problem

Rosie O’Donnell Melts Down for the Holidays

Federal Agents Discover Bodies of Four Preborn Babies

Trump’s Voter Fraud Panel Back in Action After Legal Limbo Lifted

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