Thursday, December 28, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, December 28, 2017

China and North Korea Caught Conspiring By Spy Satellite

New Leftist Racism Scare: The Evil, Gentrified Farmer’s Market

Radical Leftists Do $200K in Damage to Georgia Civil War Memorial

CNBC Exec Outed As Pervert After INEXCUSABLE Video Ploy Comes to Light

Voter Fraud Concerns in Alabama Prompt Lawsuit to Block Doug Jones

Deadly Temperatures Are Set To Invade America…Are You Safe?

Trump’s Year End Polling Numbers are Shocking, To Say The Least

News You Can Use for December 28, 2017

Roy Moore Files Lawsuit To Block Alabama Senate Election Results Certification – Also Took Polygraph Test

Ukrainian Chess Champion Anna Muzychuk Shames Sexist Saudia Arabia – She'll Lose Both Her Titles

New Year's Resolution for Trump: Withdraw US From The UN

Israel To Name Train Station After President Donald Trump

May Old Acquaintance Be Forgotten

Director Ridley Scott Thinks Republican Tax Cuts Will Be Useful for Society

Chicago Murder Rate Improves… but For How Long?

Russian General Accuses U.S. of Working with Former ISIS Fighters

Clinton-ites FURIOUS Over Mainstream Media’s Hillary Jokes

Mystery Power Problems: First The Atlanta Airport, Now Disneyland?

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