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Latest Friday, December 29, 2017

Al Sharpton Calls President Trump a ‘Symbol of Northern Bigotry’

President Trump Gives End of Year Interview to the New York Times

The Trump Effect Made Christmas Sales Great Again, Despite the Fake News Media’s Refusal to Accept It

In Africa, You Oust A Tyrant, But Not Tyranny

Hillary Clinton’s Five Most Embarrassing Moments of 2017

Trump Administration to Repeal Obama’s Oppressive Fracking Regulations

UPDATED: A Massive Fire Tears through Bronx Building Killing 12

What’s the Difference between Personal Immorality and Political Immorality

English Bishop Attacks American Evangelicals for Supporting Trump

Is the Pope a Dope?

News You Can Use for December 29, 2017

Canadian Government: Santa is a "Climate Refugee" & Is "Moving To South Pole To Escape Global Warming"

Fake News CNN: Are President Trump's Tweets Dangerous?

2,800 Documents To Be Dumped: Is Trump About To Start Arresting Top Democrats & Bring Them To Justice?

The New Administration’s Push for War!

Hysteria about Russian Election Meddling Spreads to Other Countries

China Shows Trump Tax Cuts Will Be Effective

Bishop Condemns Evangelicals for Supporting Trump

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