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Latest Saturday, December 30, 2017

Trump Tweets Warning to Iran Government As Protests Continue

Trump’s Law and Order Makes YUGE Impact on Deportation Numbers

Defecting Nuclear Scientist Chooses Death Over Return To North Korea

Baltimore Breaks All-Time Homicide Records in 2017

Good Guys with Guns made a BIG Difference in 2017

The 1983 Prediction that Liberals Hoped would Never Happen

News You Can Use for December 30, 2017

Berlin New Year's Eve Celebrations Will Have Safe Zone for Women

Europe: Tolerating Islamic Terrorists & Terrorism, But Not Those Who Tell The Truth About Them

EXPOSED: Facebook Makes Wrong Call On Nearly HALF Of Posts Reported As Offensive

Race-Baiter Al Sharpton: President Trump Is A Symbol Of Northern Bigotry

President Asks Why Government Is Subsidizing Billionaires

BREAKING: Huma Abedin’s Unsecured Emails Released!

EU Migrant Crisis Necessitates “Safe Zones” For Berlin’s NYE Party

“Swatting” Is The Latest Trend Among Online Gamers, And It Could Kill You

South Korea Takes Action Against China as North Korea War Looms

With Protests, Iran Could Be On The Verge of A Massive Revolution

Defense Contractor Raytheon Publicly Touts Product’s Ability to Track UFO’s

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