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America’s Farmers Don’t Depend On Illegal Immigration

Democrat Leader Facing Another Accuser Decides to ‘Retire,’ Endorses Son for House Seat

How the Diversity Visa Lottery Endangers America

A Note from Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Democrat Lawmaker Fired Staffer who Reported Sexual Abuse, and Congress Paid to Cover it Up

Hollywood Director says American Christians are “Greedy,” and “Racist”

The Truth about Social Security

News You Can Use for December 5, 2017

Nasty Woman Handler Brutally Attacks Sanders: 'That Harlot has Whore Lipstick All Over Her Face'

Report: Cops Told To Stand Down In Charlottesville & Coverup Followed

Leftist Hate Groups & Media Name Their 2017 "World's Top Islamophobe"

End of an Error

After A Nationwide Uproar, Baby Elijah Is Now Home With Mom And Dad

San Diego Continues Desperate Attempt To Control Hepatitis A Outbreak

McMaster: Jihadis are “really irreligious criminals who use a perverted…interpretation of religion”

Why Is An Appendectomy In The United States 10 Times More Expensive Than An Appendectomy In Mexico?

Texas State University Newspaper Fires Racist Writer

MAGA! Trump Rolls Back Federal Land Grab

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