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Los Angeles at Hell’s Gate as Uncontrolled Fires Threaten City of Angels

What a Difference a President Makes, Deportations Soar Under Donald Trump

Tax Reform could Spell the End for Obamacare

Does Fascism Belong to the Left or to the Right?

The Reason to Vote for Roy Moore

Did Hillary Clinton Lie to the FBI?

Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital, Begin Process To Move Embassy

God has Used Worse People than Donald Trump (but Not Hillary) to Lead

Exposure is the Best way to Drain the Swamp

News You Can Use for December 6, 2017

Jeff Flake is a Joke! Writes Check for Liberal Candidate: 'Country Over Party'

The Swamp-Mess Monster

Report: McMaster Approved NSA Spying On Trump Family Which Was Sent To George Soros-Owned Facility

Kate Steinle Verdict Proves Lawless Protected In US

Huma Abedin LIED to the FBI and Got Away With It

Armed Homeowner Stands His Ground Against Home Intruder

British Elite Special Forces to Allow Women

Socialism in America: Where it Began & Failed

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