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Franken Will Frighten Females NO MORE: Dem Senator Announces…

The Pope Takes Cheap Shot at Trump Over Embassy Relocation

Government Shutdown Looms While Trump Prods “Chuck and Nancy”

Disgraced Democrats’ Heir Apparent Arrested Earlier This Year For…

North Korea’s Latest Grim Warning Has Even China Urging Caution

News You Can Use for December 7, 2017

The Mueller Investigation Is a Democratic Hit Job

Donald Trump’s Private Intelligence Service?

Lighting the Way

The Lies of Huma Abedin

Would-be Caliph Erdogan: “Jerusalem is our red line” demands Trump “return from this grave mistake immediately”

The Case for Islamophobia: I am an Islamophobe, & You should be One, too

Geoengineering Expert Sues NOAA For Climate Engineering Info: "Biggest Cover-up In History"

Does Fascism Belong to the Left or to the Right?

Time for a Mass Firing of Deep State Operatives

Washington Times Explains Deep State Coup Attempt

Republicans Threaten Roy Moore with a Chance to Clear His Name

Female Hero With A Handgun Saves Policeman’s Life in Georgia

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