Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Criminals Masquerading as Mayors in Sanctuary Cities!

Modern Education (Indoctrination): The Making of Slaves

Creating War While Leading Through Opposition!

Silent Majority: You Put Off the Day of Disaster and Bring Near a Reign of Terror

Where is Your God Now? The Same Place that He Was When He was Warning You!

Bipartisan Governors Group Opposes Federal Internet Gambling Ban

Border Wall ‘Absolutely Critical’ Former Border Agents Tell Congress

Can Marriage Survive the Millennial Generation? [VIDEO]

Media Pretends Susan Rice is Not Newsworthy [VIDEO]

Hoosiers Students Allowed to Pray At School Once More

Unmasking Susan Rice (A.F. Branco Cartoon)

BLM Bans White People, And We Couldn’t Care Less!

How to Get into Stanford? Just Write #BLACKLIVESMATTER On Application 100 Times Like this Black Muslim Student

Thanks to Trump, America’s Biggest Coal Miner is BACK!

He Has a Heart: Putin Lays Flowers in Tribute of Those Killed in St. Petersburg Explosion (Video)

NYPD Defies Mayor’s Sanctuary City Policy

Unborn Babies or Illegal Aliens – Which Really Deserve Sanctuary Cities?

DNC Losers Whine While Trump Wins! [VIDEO]

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