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Trump is Draining the Swamp – Fires 500+ from the VA!

If You Can Afford These 9 Things, You Don't Need Food Stamps

AL Roofing Company Presents Irresistible Offer, "Buy a Roof, Get a Gun!"

Deteriorating Mental Faculties: Time for Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi & John McCain to Step Down

NYC's Least Popular Absentee Employee

A 21-Year-Old TransGender Has A Baby, And Doctors Say ‘Womb Transplants For Men’ Will Soon Be Possible

Constitution 101: Jamie Raskin-Style

Democrats Fed Up with Bernie Sanders?

Chinese Expert says Trump showing “Tactical Brilliance” in Dealing with China and North Korea

New York Times Palin Attack Excused as "Mistake"

Russia Obsessed Media Continues to Ignore Obama's Failure

Sen. John McCain: Sometimes I Regret Confirming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

The Reality Of The Federal Government’s Land Grab

New York Paper Calls Out Liberal Mayor with Epic Cover

Some of the Church's Worst Enemies come from Within

Stephen Hawking Goes After President Trump

Playing Hooky

Putin: Trump On TV Is “Very Different From The Real Trump”

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