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Latest Saturday, July 15, 2017

House Democrat Threatens Trump’s Life On Social Media

Hmmm: Doubt Surfaces about Whether or Not Clinton Investigator Comitted Suicide

George Soros-Tied File Multiple Lawsuits to Stop Trump’s Investigation of Election Discrepancies

Another Clinton Investigator "Commits Suicide"

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: “Not A Valid Representation Of Reality… Totally Inconsistent With Credible Temperature Data”

The Most Unusual (And Significant?) Solar Eclipse In U.S. History Will Happen Next Month On August 21

Sketchy, New Report Claims Russian Lawyer Brought Documents Showing "Flow of Illicit Funds to Dems"

No Way! 'The Five' Co-Host Wears CNN Box Over Head #CNNMemeWars

Budget Deficit Jumps!

No Foul Play? Another Clinton Enemy Killed [VIDEO]

More Clinton Foundation Special Favors Revealed in Massive New Info Dump

Google Takes Fake News to A New Low with Robot "Journalists"

Republican Donor Commits Suicide After Confessing to Working with Russian Hackers to Get Hillary Clinton's Emails

Cartel Gunmen Storm Border, Bring Gruesome Violence into Texas

State Senator: CIA Lies are Getting Harder to Believe

New State Law Attempts to Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Advertise Free Abortions

These 24 Republicans Voted to Fund Trans Surgeries on Taxpayer's Dime

Even CNN Suffering from "Russia Fatigue" Says Fake News Anchor

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