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Latest Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ron Paul Warns Trump Headed for JFK-Like Fate in Deep State Battle

Chuck Schumer Joins Liz Warren in Hysterics Over Kid Rock Senate Stunt

Texas' House Speaker Facing Massive Backlash, Could Be Replaced Over RINO Status

Trump Weighing Several Options on Dealing with North Korea

Shocking New Evidence that Hillary Clinton Used the State Department to Line Her Own Pockets

Facebook: Muslim’s Rape Threat Against Ex-Muslim Doesn’t Violate “Community Standards”

Trump Remaking State Dept to Reflect “America First,” “DoS Officials Nervous”

Yale Divinity Professor Gets Almost Everything about the Bible Wrong

News You Can Use for July 16, 2017

Klaus Eberwein "Commits Suicide" Ahead of Testimony Against Clinton Foundation – Media Blackout

House Democrat Threatens Trump’s Life On Social Media

George Soros-Tied File Multiple Lawsuits to Stop Trump’s Investigation of Election Discrepancies

Did Paul Ryan Create a Sexist Dress Code?

Your Post on Social Media Could Get You Five Years in Prison in Canada

Christian Chaldeans in Iraq Must Be Saved

Rand Paul Seeks to Remove Anti-Gun Aspects of GOP Health Care Bill

Trump White House Looks for Ways to Keep Immigration Promises

POTUS' Character Unshaken As He Banters With Press on Air Force 1

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