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Israeli Prime Minister on Hot Mic Caught Slamming Europe's Treatment of Israel

ICE Will Target Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Video: Pelosi Belligerently Babbles Like a Fool, Can't Even Complete a Sentence

Trump: Yes to Free Trade – No to Stupid Trade

Conservatives Furious over Healthcare Reform, but Not at Trump

"Stand Your Ground" Needs to be in Every State, the ATF need Abolishing & Federal Gun Laws need to be Repealed

Americans Focus on Real Problems while the Media gets Stuck on Russia

In Just 5 Years, Social Security will be Paying More than it Receives

Every RINO in DC Needs to Go!

FULL 911 AUDIO: Jessica Damond Shooting by Muslim Migrant Policeman Mohamed Noor

Feeling Heavy

The Polls Show Trump 2020 Will Lose to Democrats: So What?

Teen Girl Brandishes Gun and Fires on Fugitive Hiding in Her Home

Brits: Songbird McCain Brought in Anti-Trump Fake Dossier

California Unable to Eliminate Carcinogens from Drinking Water

Liberal "Fairness" Tax in Seattle Inspires GOP-Sponsored Civil Disobedience

Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security

Climate Hoaxers Get Dose of Reality As Disaster Deaths Dwindle in 2017

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