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I Have Only Been Running For Congress For 2 Weeks And I Am Already Being Attacked Viciously By The Left

Chechnya’s Leader Claims “Russian Doomsday Device” Is Activated

News You Can Use for July 21, 2017

One for the Road

How Social Media Becomes an Oppression Tool

Heritage Foundation’s Voter Fraud Database Points to a Problem

Maxine Waters for President? Please Let It Happen!

The Media Double Standard for Trump and Obama on Russia is Proven! [VIDEO]

Wikileaks: Bill Clinton Gave $500,000 Speech in Moscow as Hillary Opposed Russian Sanctions

First Half of 2017: Second Largest Number of Background Checks Ever for Guns

Shock Polls Worry Liberals: Most Americans Side with President Trump!

Video: Rep. Steve King Explains Exactly Why the Wall Hasn't Been Built Yet

Israeli Prime Minister tells France – Political Islam wants to Destroy Europe

US INTEL: North Korea Is Prepping For Another Missile Test

Leftists Blame Big Families for Global Warming

Senate Hearing Set: Kushner, Trump Jr, Manafort to Testify

The Health Care Cost Crisis and its Solution

Is the Russia Narrative Hurting the Left more than Trump?

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